Belgian Chocolate 45 RPM Record

  All our Molded Chocolates are made from 100% Belgian Chocolate - no Additives
All our Molded Chocolates are available all year!
Christmas Chocolate Molds
Easter Chocolate Molds
Father's Day Chocolate Molds

Belgian Chocolate Angel and Belgian Chocolate Candle
Belgian Chocolate Candy Cane
Belgian Chocolate Angel
Belgian Chocolate Angels
Belgian Chocolate Christmas Tree
Belgian Christmas Tree
Belgian Holiday Mouse
Belgian Holiday Wreath
Belgian Noel Chocolate Bar
Belgian Santa Claus

Belgian Santa Face
Belgian Santa in the Chimney
Belgian Sleigh
Belgian Poinsettia Pop

Belgian Chocolate Baby Bunny
Belgian Chocolate Bunny Breakaway Bar
Belgian Chocolate Foiled Easter Eggs
Belgian Chocolate Bunny Love
Belgian Chocolate Cross
Belgian Chocolate Rabbit & Chick
Belgian Chocolate Rabbit in Car
Belgian Chocolate Rabbit with Wheelbarrow
Belgian Chocolate Easter Duck
Belgian Chocolate Hen
Belgian Chocolate Lamb
Belgian Chocolate Rabbit with Long Ears

Belgian Rabbit Lying
Belgian Rabbit Pulling Cart of Eggs
Belgian Solid Belgian Chocolate Egg
Belgian Standing Rabbit
Belgian Standing Rabbit on Easter Basket
Belgian Rabbit Pulling Egg
Belgian Chocolate Egg

Belgian Chocolate Standing Rabbit
Belgian Chocolate Small Rabbit

Belgian Chocolate Small Baby Bunny
Belgian Chocolate Basket Bunny
Belgian Chocolate Small Sitting Rabbit
Belgian Chocolate Small Easter Lamb

Belgian Bunny Pop

Belgian Chocolate Duckling Pop
Belgian Lamb Pop
Belgian Rabbit Pop
Belgian Smile Bunny Pop

Belgian Rabbit Flower Pop

Belgian Chocolate Happy Easter Pop

Mother's Day
St. Patty's Day

Halloween Chocolate & Pops
Belgian Chocolate Haunted House
Belgian Chocolate Witch
Belgian Chocolate Witches Plaque
Belgian Chocolate Black Cat
Belgian Chocolate Tombstone

Belgian Chcolate Pumpkin Plaque
Belgian Chocolate Pumpkin Head
Belgian Chocolate Ghost
Belgian Chocolate Ghost with Pumpkin
Belgian Chocolate Pumpkin with Cat
Belgian Chocolate Jack O'Lantern
Belgian Chocolate Pumpkin

Valentine's Day
Chocolate Molded Pops

Belgian Chocolate Angel
Belgian Chocolate Cherubs

Belgian Chocolate Bank of Hearts
Belgian Chocolate Flower Heart
Belgian Chocolate Heart

Belgian Chocolate Hearts
Belgian Chocolate Rose Heart
Belgian Cupid Chocolate Heart
Belgian Flower Chocolate Heart
Belgian I Love You Chocolate Bar

Belgian Love Chocolate Bar
Belgian To My Valentine Chocolate Bar
Belgian Double Chocolate Heart
Belgian Heart & Dove

Belgian Chocolate Love Pop
Belgian Chocolate Rose Pop

Belgian Love Birds Chocolate Pop
Belgian Chocolate Lace Pop
Belgian Chocolate Flower Pop
Belgian Chocolate Flowers Pop
Belgian To My Valentine Pop

Valentine Chocolate Pop
Valentine Belgian Chocolate "I Love You" Bar

Belgian Chocolate Hearts

Cupid Belgian Chocolate Pop
Belgian Chocolate Hearts with Scroll Designs
Belgian Chocolate Heart & Dove

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we will be happy to provide you with a quote.
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