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Checking Out

PayPal Users - An Important Note
PayPal Users - Direct Payment

Google Checkout Users - Direct Payment
Update Payment Information
Secure Ordering on Our Website

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Checking Out

You can check out from any main page or the home page by selecting 'My Basket' then 'Check Out' from the main menu bar. When the cart page is displayed, review your items. Before continuing, you may wish to consider registering with us to expedite future purchases:


Registration Optional:

We offer a quick checkout option. If you have registered or if you would like your information to be retained for a future visit, please enter your eMail address and a password 6 to 12 characters.

Note: We do not retain credit card data.

Whether or not you register, click the Continue to Checkout button.

  1. The Billing Information is displayed. Ensure that you compete all the fields that are preceded by a black bar | - these are non-optional fields.

  2. Enter your email address. We use this for confirmation of shipment and in case there's a question we need to ask you.
  3. Then, select whether you are shipping to a Residential or Commercial address.
  4. If you wish to add an option, click on the appropriate checkbox.
  5. If you want a gift card enclosed with the shipment, enter the message in the appropriate place. You can enter up to 254 characters.
  6. If you want to communicate something to us about the order, use the Send Us A message box. You can enter up to 254 characters.
  7. If you have a coupon, enter the number in the appropriate location.
  8. If you are using a Gift Certificate to pay for all or a part of the order, enter the Gift Certificate number in the appropriate location.
  9. When you have completed the page, click Continue to Next Step.
  10. On the Shipping page, select your preferred method of shipping. Please review the Shipping Information page before selecting UPS, FedEX, or international shipping for iportant information.
  11. Once you have selected a shipping option, your order is totaled and displayed at the bottom of the page. If you want to make any comments, you may do so here.
  12. Select the method of payment from the dropdown.
    We accept:
    American Express
    as well as checks, money orders, and COD.
    There is a $6.50 charge for COD levied by the package delivery service. Please understand - it may take up to 10 days for checks to clear.
  13. Click the Continue button to display the Payment information page.
  14. The payment Information page is different depending on your selected method of payment. Usually, the selection is Credit Card therefore on the Payment Information page you will be asked for relevant credit card information.
  15. If you are paying by PayPal you will leave our site and be directed to PayPal. Follow the instrctions on theur site to ensure your return to ours to complete the check out.
  16. AT THIS POINT your order HAS NOT BEEN COMMITTED. Once you click the Continue button, however, your order will be completed. The confirmation page that appears next provides all the details of your order. Please print it for future reference.

It is important to note that your browser must be set to permit cookies even though we do not place a cookie on your computer during check out.

This cart DOES NOT track or place a cookie in your computer. It will only use the browser ID number to track the user. The Cookie setting is a browser security setting. Sometimes, depending on the browser type, this might cause our cart to not track your browser ID correctly.

Your browser must allow for ALL cookies to be accepted. Check your browser preference settings. If a cookie is not allowed, the system will track your IP setting. Many dialup services force you to use a single IP address when accessing an SSL enabled web page which may be different then the IP number allowed on the basket page.


PayPal Users - Important Note

n order for our shop cart system to properly accept PayPal payments, you must follow the instructions below. If you do not finalize your payment on the PayPal site by clicking the Continue button, we will receive a notification from PayPal that you have placed an order, but we will not have any record on our site as to what your order was!

Please pay careful attention to these instructions:


Once you enter your payment, you must select the Continue button on the PayPal site. If you do not our cart can not complete the sale.

If you do not see a Thank You Sales Confirmation page at the end of this transaction, your request did not finalize.


PayPal Users - Direct Payment

To make a supplemental payment, or to make a direct payment to Stuffed Chocolate, click the PAY NOW button below and follow the instructions on the page.


Google Checkout Users - Direct Payment

To make a supplemental payment, or to make a direct payment to Stuffed Chocolate, click the PAY NOW button below and follow the instructions on the page.

Amount to Add:    $


Update Payment Information

This is a quick and easy way to update or add payment information on a current order. Simply add the Payment Option to your cart (a value of $0) then checkout as usual.

Any shipping or other charges will be disregarded and your account information updated/corrected/added.

Payment Update Quantity:

Secure Ordering on Our Website

The RapidSSL logo ensures secure ordering!

The SSL (and TLS) protocol is the Web standard for encrypting communications between users and SSL (secure sockets layer) e-commerce sites. Data sent via an SSL connection is protected by encryption, a mechanism that prevents eavesdropping and tampering with any transmitted data. SSL provides businesses and consumers with the confidence that private data sent to a Web site, such as credit card numbers, are kept confidential. Web server certificates (also known as secure server certificates or SSL certificates) are required to initialize an SSL session.

Customers know when they have an SSL session with a website when their browser displays the little gold padlock and the address bar begins with a https rather than http. SSL certificates can be used on webservers for Internet security and mailservers such as imap, pop3 and smtp for mail collection / sending security.

While you're browsing through the Stuffed Chocolate, no personal information is collected or saved. It's only when you place something in your shopping cart or check out that security is required - and that security is provided by our128 bit SSL encryption technology. You can be assured that your data is both private and safe.

To review our policy on privacy, click here.
For more information on RapidSSL, click here.

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Savor our tantalizing chocolate truffles in a variety of flavors, including rare ice wine truffles.

We also offer a variety of Euro-styled chocolates, chocolate baked goods, teas, coffees, bar mixes, smoothies, and an assortment of gift products

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