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Belgian Chocolate Witch Plaque

Belgian Chocolate Witch Plaque

Belgian Chocolate Witch Plaque

Our Chocolate Witch Plaque shows Ismelda, our house witch, caught in flight. The broomstick (of course, you broomstick afficiandos will already recognize it) is the famous M200 Cloudsweeper. We've memorialized Ismelda on this delicious Callebaut dark chocolate plaque. Three ounces of Belgian chocolate and a keepsake of Ismelda - all in one place - all at one price!

'Ismelda' Witch Plaque
3 ozs      3 1/2" X 5"

Check out Ismelda's cat, perched on the tip of a lollipop stick!. Just click here. There's another 'shot' of her that might be equally interesting. Just click here..
Belgian Chocolate Witch Plaque

Price: $3.50



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Belgian Chocolate Witches Plaque
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