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Belgian Chocolate Grandpa Pumpkin

Belgian Chocolate Molded Grandpa Pumpkin

Chocolate Grandpa Pumpkin

Granpa Pumpkin (affectionately known to all far and wide as 'Granpa Pumpkin') is reputedly over 100 years old - and it looks it. Unable to roll through the Fallowfield Pumpkin patch under his own power anymore, he's dragged to family gatherings by two grandkids in harnesses. Needless to say, he doesn't travel very far, the rough dirt being a little tough on his ancient behind. We've captured Granpa for posterity in Belgian chocolate. Make this old relic a part of your family this Halloween!

Chocolate Grandpa Pumpkin 2.4ozs   2 3/ 4" W X 2 1/2" H $2.75

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Chocolate Grandpa Pumpkin

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