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Belgian Chocolate Milk Bark

 Belgian Chocolate Bark

Belgian Chocolate Milk Bark

Admit it. You love chocolate bark.... especially when the chocolate is Belgian the fruits are fresh, and the nuts are crunchy. We make our bark thin in omported Belgian Milk chocolate and in a variety of fruit and nut combinations. Our chocolate barks are hand crafted in small batches using only the freshest ingrediants, many times, to order.

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Milk Belgian Chocolate Toasted Almond
Milk Belgian Chocolate Fruit 'n Nut
Milk Belgian Chocolate Orange Peel
Milk Belgian Chocolate Peanut Butter
Milk Belgian Chocolate Cashew
Milk Belgian Chocolate Pretzel
Milk Belgian Chocolate Potato Chip
Milk Belgian Chocolate Pecan
Milk Belgian Chocolate Walnut
Milk Belgian Chocolate Pistachio
Milk Belgian Chocolate Coffee Bean

Milk Belgian Curry Coconut Bark
Milk Belgian Peach Apricot Bark
Milk Belgian Pear Grapefruit Bark

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Belgian Chocolate Milk Bark

6 ozs.

Price: $9.00


Belgian Chocolate Milk Bark

12 ozs.

Price: $18.00



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Build Your Own Bark
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Belgian Chocolate Bark
Chocolate Bark

'Bark' is a term used by a lot of chocolate makers to refer to a specific form of chocolate, namely, a thin sheet of real chocolate, sometimes with adjuncts such as nuts and berries, formed to look like tree bark. Over the years, this basic definition has been ignored in favor of thick bark, 'chunky' bark, and barks made with chocolate remaining from other applications (such as molding chocolates).

Rest assured that we adhere to the old ways! Our chocolate bark is made thin, from real dark and milk chocolates. We don't use residual chocolate - we create each bark - by hand - with fresh chocolate. Nuts, fruits, raisins and flavorings are all natural; we roast the nuts we use in our barks and bars.

We invite you to enjoy chocolate bark as it was first intended!



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