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An eclectic collection of books about chocolate - histories, references, recipes, even chocolate fiction! Click on the title of interest and you will be magically transported to Amazon.Com where you can learn more about each title and buy the most delicious books you've ever read. None of our recommended reads exactly what you want? Try our Amazon Search box to the right or check out suggestions from Amazon, right here!

The New Taste of Chocolate: A Guide to Fine Chocolate.
Maricel E. Presilla

Our Price: $20.96

The first time Maricel Presilla tasted cocoa from her grandmother's farm in eastern Cuba, she expected the papaya-looking fruit to be full of Hershey kisses. Instead she saw lumpy, tan-colored seeds in a sticky, sweet-tart ivory pulp that reminded her of lychees, and it didn't even smell like chocolate. In The New Taste of Chocolate, Presilla follows the life of a cocoa pod from a sapling through harvest, fermentation, roasting, and production to arrive at what we all recognize as chocolate.

The True History of Chocolate
Sophie D. Coe, Michael D. Coe

Our Price: $13.26

The Coes, both anthropologists with a culinary bent, delve deeply into the history of their mouthwatering subject. The material on ancient cultures is particularly fascinating--did you know that the Maya used unsweetened liquid chocolate as currency? And in a chapter called "Chocolate for the Masses," they detail the modernization of chocolate manufacture, which has allowed more than 25 million Hershey's Kisses to roll off the conveyor belt each day.

The Chocolate Tree : A Natural History Of Cacao.
Allen M. Young

Our Price: $19.56

Young's engaging and scholarly book examines the natural history of cacao and its transformation into a cultivated crop of ancient and modern peoples and its ecological connections to the rain forest. Young points out that cacao is among a handful of New World tropical plants that, due to the Spanish conquest of Central America in the late fifteenth century, became a bridge between two distinct spheres of humankind: Western culture and society on one hand, and the ancient and indigenous peoples of Mesoamerica on the other.

All About Chocolate : The Ultimate Resource...
Carole Bloom

Our Price: $8.97

Chocoholics beware; All About Chocolate will likely make you drool all over the pages until you can get your next fix of cocoa heaven. This is a mini-encyclopedia of chocolate history, terminology, trivia, and, of course, rich, chocolatey recipes.

Crafting the Culture and History of French Chocolate
Susan J. Terrio

Our Price: $22.50

This absorbing narrative follows the craft community of French chocolatiers-members of a tiny group experiencing intensive international competition-as they struggle to ensure the survival of their businesses. Susan J. Terrio moves easily among ethnography, history, theory, and vignette, telling a story that challenges conventional views of craft work, associational forms, and training models in late capitalism. She enters the world of Parisian craft leaders and local artisanal families.

The Discovery of Chocolate
James Runcie

Our Price: $17.50

In this winning blend of fiction and fact, a long-lived Spaniard serves as narrator and guide through the Old World discovery and development of one of life's consuming passions. In 1518, young Diego de Godoy sets sail for the New World to find a rare treasure to win the heart and hand of Isabella. Joining Cortes, Diego journeys to Mexico, where he guards Montezuma; finds his true-love, Ignacia; and through her discovers the delight of the drink of the cacao bean.

LA Maison Du Chocolat : Transcendent Desserts...
Robert Linxe, et al

Our Price: $35.00

Fans of high-end chocolate delights have long flocked to Robert Linxe's La Maison du Chocolat, a Paris-based confection-boutique "chain." La Maison du Chocolat, blissfully photo-illustrated in color, offers readers an introduction to Linxe's art and craft, plus 65 recipes for a wide range of treats..

A Year in Chocolate : Four Seasons of Unforgettable Desserts
Alice Medrich, et al

Our Price: $18.16

Medrich has written several other cookbooks, but chocolate is her real love, and she returns once again to it here. She had originally intended this to be a holiday cookbook but decided that that idea was too limiting, so she instead categorizes her recipes by season: "robust flavors" for fall

The Chocolate Bible : The Definitive Sourcebook...
Christian Teubner (Editor), et al

Our Price: $23.06

Okay, we know you only read The Chocolate Bible for the articles, but will your friends believe you? After all, this stunning book is so overflowing with luscious photographs of chocolate in all its delectable varieties, shapes, and forms that it's hard to believe one could get any reading done...

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