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Belgian Chocolate Curry

Belgian Chocolate Soft Caramel
Belgian Chocolate Soft Caramel

Belgian Chocolate Soft Caramel
The Niagaras

We created our soft caramel confections in honor of the Niagara River - a Belgian milk chocolate shell reminescent of waves - filled with flowing, soft caramel. The caramel is handmade in very small batches of sugar, cream, and butter. Unlike our other caramels, our Niagaras are more of a lavamel - soft, creamy, and will flow if you bite into a piece and lay it aside for more than a minute or so (but we can't for the life of us imagine how you could do such a thing!).

There are three varieties of Niagaras - our 'pure' caramel; a variety flavored with Kahlua for a gentle brush with coffee, and our irish cream for a touch more cream and an underlying alchohol tartness. We offer assortments so you can try all three.

Per Piece: $1.05
6 pcs. $
12 pcs. $11.50

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Soft Caramel (Niagara)
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Soft Caramel (Niagara)
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Soft Caramel (Niagara)
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The City of Buffalo, formerly known as Buffalo Creek, received its name from the creek that flows through it. However, the origin of the creek's name is unclear, with several unproven theories existing.,, Another theory holds that the name is an anglicized form of the French name Beau Fleuve (beautiful river), which was supposedly an exclamation uttered by Louis Hennepin when he first saw the Niagara River.
From Wikipedia

Regardless of where the city's name came from, the magnificent river that flows alongside is most certainly a Beau Fleuve and the inspiration for our confection.


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