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Belgian Chocolate Toasted Almond


Belgian Chocolate Toasted Almond

We designed these little nut treasure chests to be both bite-sized and to comfortably fit our various assortments. We take Belgian chocolate (milk, dark, or white, and mold toasted almond flakes and whole toasted almonds within. Chocolate, as it sits close to other aromatics, will pick up the flavor notes from its companions. So it is with our molded almonds - the toastiness from the nuts slips silently into the chocolate infusing it with hints of almonds and toast. You may special order these treasure chests in pecan, hazelnut, pistachio, or walnut..

Per Piece: $1.05
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12 pcs. $11.50

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Belgian Chocolate Toasted Almond
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Did you Know Chocolate is Good for You

Many people refer to chocolate as a "feel good" food. Now researchers are finding that it may also be good for your body as well. Chocolate and cocoa butter contain large quantities of natural antioxidants, called flavonoids. Antioxidants are believed to reduce the number of free radicals in the body that contribute to medical problems, such as heart disease and cancer. Forty grams of chocolate contain about 400 milligrams of antioxidants (about the same amount found in a glass of red wine). Dark chocolate contains about twice that amount. And unsweetened cocoa powder has the most – about two times as much as dark chocolate.

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